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Being an entrepreneur really is like being on a roller coaster. At one moment you may be feeling like you cannot do anything right, you feel like you are being punished for all your life choices up to that point. You feel inadequate, worthless, and incompetent. And then something changes. You get a sale, you get a glowing review, you make a great connection with somebody, you have a good conversation with somebody, or somebody you know expressed sympathy, shows some empathy and suddenly you are energized all over again. You can take on the world, you can push through that block or you are spurred on to make some changes you know you have needed to and just needed that little push in order to do so.

And you are good to go all over again.

Until the next time you are down in the dumps again.

And it could happen all with the space of an hour if you are paying attention.

Starting a business is hard and there are so many moving pieces as well as things that need to be done in order to be successful. It is a wonder than any company gets off the ground at all. Yet people do it all the time. They go through the pain and the learning experience and somehow many of them are successful. It is a testament not to the will power of the people who are building those companies, but rather to the support groups and encouragement and teams the people build around themselves. Without other people to help the businessperson the companies would have failed a long time ago because the businessman would have given up without the encouragement, support or help from those around them.

Maybe that is just the novice talking, but looking at so many other companies, I cannot see how it is not true. People may have the spotlight, but for every Jobs, there is a Woz. And even Bezos had his wife there as a support for quite a while.

Photo by Matt Bowden on Unsplash