The following is a list I’ve been compiling on the various resources available to a small business and some of my thoughts on them. It’s not intended to be comprehensive. Some solutions I’ve ignored because they are out of range of most small businesses either because of their complexity or their price point. If you think I’ve missed one, feel free to let me know and I’ll include it here (even if it’s in the list of those which were rejected).

Book Keeping


Time Tracking

Lead Generation

Payment/Merchant Systems



  • Slack: Chat
  • Riot: Chat, similar to Slack
  • Asana: Project team work collaboration
  • ImprovMX: Email Forwarding for an entire domain

Media Tools

  • Quicktime: Screen, audio and camera recording software. Preinstalled on the Mac
  • Loopback: Can record audio from one source on the computer to another receiving source on the computer.

Email Lists