Planting and Harvesting

2 minute read

Planting and Harvesting are really two parts of the same activity, but tending is where the real work is.

Working With Development Teams

2 minute read

When other people see the amount of time you put in, the effort you dedicate to the product and, as long as you are also putting out quality work, they will ...


2 minute read

title: Octalysis tags: [play] image_path: post_images/game_controller.jpg alt: “Octalysis” excerpt: “Games can be good and bad, but in the end all bad game...

Relief valves

1 minute read

No matter what that pressure level, we need to ensure we have a good relief valve.


3 minute read

We need to stop becoming a human-doing and instead become a human-being.

Design Thinking

1 minute read

The need for people good at design, project management and architecture is always going to be there, no matter where developers are located.

Bad Bosses

2 minute read

There really are very few bad bosses out there.