Years of learning in a compact size

Everybody is Busy

You have very little time to dig through those notes you took ages ago. And then even after finding those notes, finding that bit of information you remember from class can be impossible. That’s when you turn to the MBA Notebook.

The MBA Notebook contains all notes and some brief descriptions for each of the topics taught in the MBA program in one easy to read volume. With both words and pictures, your memory can be jogged and you’ll find yourself quickly recalling what you learned in the program. You’ll be on your way, taking those well honed skills and back into the work in no time.

And if you haven’t been in the program? No problem. The text and pictures give a good overview of what you would learn in the MBA program and from there you can dive into the topic you need right now. With a quick glance at the pictures you’ll be on your way in no time. (But I’d still suggest enrolling in the MBA program. It’s worth it!)

The current version contains one year of MBA lectures and notes distilled into an easy to read, searchable format. When you sign up you will get the chapter 1 sample in the following formats: ePub, Kindle & PDF. There are ePubs formatted for the following devices: iBooks, Kobo, Nook, Google Play and a “Generic” format.

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