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A number of articles I have read have focused on how the landscape of our jobs and working environment are changing and what we need to do in order to adapt to these changes. One of the things they suggest id getting more into the design and creating better user experiences. Now days as more and more people are focused on getting into the tech sector and as more and more of those jobs are being sent overseas to more developing countries, it is even more important for people in the development side of things to make sure they are working on those skills which will allow them to be more competitive.

One way of doing this is to become known as an expert in a field. Martin Fowler has done a good job of making himself known as somebody who understands computer architecture and good development practices. Jon Ive has become known as a good UX designer due to his work on the Apple products. Others are known for their ability to manage projects and deliver them on time. The question is “What other areas can people delve into where they can become an expert?”

The need for people good at design, project management and architecture is always going to be there, no matter where developers are located. In some cases it becomes even more imperative. People are still going to have ideas for tools and changes to software. People are still going to have problems that need to be solved. The ability to identify those problems, creatively create solutions to those problems and then determine which solutions best meet those needs is always going to be needed. Then the ability to orchestrate the development, testing and deployment of those solutions will also be a necessary skill and activity people will be needed for. Just because the development team is located in a remote location will not mean that the need for people will decrease. If anything the need for people with new skills will increase as the number of people doing the development increases. And that is a good thing for everybody.

Photo by Vicky Sim on Unsplash.