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There are three things which are critical to the strategy of any person or organization: Resources, Processes, and Priorities. In most cases we go through our lives working through the day to day issues which confront us without recognizing what we can really do. We fail to leverage the full potential we have because we have not sat down and delineated what we have open to us. For example, a person may have a great ability to teach others, but if they haven’t recognized that skill in their life then they will not leverage it as well as they could if they were to take the time and focus on developing that skill as well as using it in their daily work.

How could a person use this teaching ability? If the person is a leader in a company they could use it to mentor someone on their team. If they have experience doing the tasks the other person is struggling with, they can sit next to them and help guide them through the process. The key with anything like that, however, is not make sure they do not get trapped in doing it for them or that they come across as a know-it-all. Rather they need to show their tips and tricks for getting the work done more efficiently.

Personal processes for learning and making connections with others is another way we leverage the skills and abilities we have. How can we take what we have in terms of abilities and skills and apply them to the world at large to make it better? How do we deploy these resources?

Finally, the order in which we deploy these resources and the activities we choose to engage in to do so shows our priorities. Are we deliberate in doing this or just floating through life and letting things take us where they will? These are our priorities. The choices we make show what is most important to us, even if we say differently. The key is making sure that the choices we make in the moment are congruent with what we think we want to do. Only then will we be acting strategically in our lives.

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