3 minute read

I recently learned about something called the habit journal and it’s been a great additional to my routine so far. Habits in and of themselves are neither go...


2 minute read

Experienced players play the game differently


2 minute read

Exercism can help you level-up your programming skills

The Daily Struggle

3 minute read

Due to a lack of direction on my part, I’m looking for feedback on what would be most useful to people who read this blog.

I’m Working for Others

2 minute read

I totally expect people to be offended by what I say here. It’s a given, especially on a day like today, when we as Americans celebrate Martin Luther King Jr...

After Action Report

3 minute read

I’ve been going through the Best Year Ever course by Michael Hyatt. On day two, he has you look over the last year and evaluate how it went. You are asked to...

Time Off

less than 1 minute read

Just a note. I’m taking the next two weeks off and will not be posting any articles here until the beginning of the new year.

Want success? Improve!

3 minute read

I recently heard a person say that anybody who is truly successul is pratically addicted to learning and improving. Couch the idea in whatever terms you want...