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I’ve been struggling lately with a number of things.

  1. Knowing what to post here on the website
  2. Knowing what people are interested in that they might find of use that I can help with.
  3. Deciding where to go from here.

I have a number of different interests. I enjoy learning, and if you were to look at my strengths finder scores, my top five areas are Responsibility, Discipline, Learner, Intellection and Deliberative.

You may recognize some of that with what I just described as my problem. Because I’m “Deliberative” I like to take my time and make the correct decision. That sometimes leads to analysis-paralysis. I think that is part of the problem with the last couple months. I’ve been stuck in wanting to go in the right direction so much that I’ve been stuck in the going nowhere stage instead.

So, let me say what I’m interested in and then say what I think I’m going to do in order to make this happen in a way that will be true to me, and hopefully useful to others who come here.


  • I enjoy learning about new programming concepts and languages.
  • I enjoy science fiction and fantasy (books, movies, games, comics, etc.). This includes the super-hero genre. I have four boxes of comics from high school until now. I still collect Spider-man.
  • I enjoy painting miniatures. I currently have a number of Hordes and Warmachine miniatures which are ‘in progress’.
  • I like weekend camping and would, eventually, get out and do a weeklong backpacking trip. Hammock camping would be a nice change. I’ve been collecting a number of gear lists for a few years now.
  • I’m a personal productivity and development junkie.
  • Business development and concepts fascinate me and I find myself reading a lot of stuff about marketing.
  • Leadership has been something I’ve been interested in for years. I think leaders have the potential to make lasting changes in the world for good, or ill. (don’t get me started on the current presidential cycle).


  • I’ve been in leadership positions of some kind since I was 12. I was a software delivery manager at my latest employeer, but I’ve also been in Boy Scout leadership positions for years, including a Council Vice President for the Utah National Parks Council.
  • I’ve been an professional instructor. I was a certified Delphi and JBuilder Developer and Instructor for years. I’ve also been certified as a Certified Microsoft Instructor and taught Visual Basic and Internet Development with ISAPI DLL’s years ago.
  • I’ve done professional software development in the following languages: Delphi, Java, Ruby and JavaScript.
  • I spent years writing responses to RFPs and then executing those plans when we won the bids.
  • I’ve been a presenter at various conferences and have been the technical lead on sales calls.
  • I’ve written one unpublished book of fiction and I’m currently working on another.
  • My wife and I host a weekly podcast where we talk about family organization.

With those varied interests, you can see there are a number of ways I could go here. I could focus on business and technology, outdoors or some of my hobbies. I could talk about what it takes to organize yourself, business and family. I could write about writing from both a technical as well as fiction standpoint. I could discuss leadership in the outdoors or I could talk about software development and software projects.

There’s a lot out there to say, but the sturggle is what is most needed and what would people find the most useful.

So, I’m asking you: What do you think would be the most intersting things to hear from me and the most useful for you in your daily life?