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I’ve been using a number of different programs to help manage notes, thoughts and information over the years. I migrated from Evernote a couple years ago and have been using Notion for a couple years, but it hasn’t quite scratched that personal knowledge management system I have been needing. It does a number of things well and I will still keep it around for keeping track of my stock research notes. But when it comes to keeping track of topics I am interested in and making connections between thoughts, I have begun shifting over to Obsidian.

Obsidian has been great for keeping track of ideas and just throwing ideas into. One of the bigger challenges I have experienced, however, is when I do my personal scripture study. Making the links to the Gospel Library app has been painful. For whatever reason, the links on the iPad do not work properly and copying text from the specific verses seems like a bit of overkill in some cases as well. As I was listening to a recent podcast, however, I heard an idea that sparked some interest for me. One of the people on the podcast said that he had a friend create a collection of markdown files which he then links to within his Obsidian install. I thought that was brilliant, but when I went out there looking for them, I could not find anything like that.

Well, with a little bit of research I found a sqlite3 version of the LDS Scriptures and using that as a base I then wrote an ugly elixir script that connects to the database and extracts the data, creating a collection of markdown pages I can reference within Obsidian without having to monkey around with the Gospel Library app.

As a note: I found bomdb which was nice as a search app, and I still use it a bit, but overall, my markdown files are my primary sources right now.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash