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A while back I picked up a Logitech K760 keyboard. It’s standard sized wireless, solar keyboard and it’s been one of the best keyboards I could get.

As far as keyboards go, I don’t care much about them. You press the keys and characters appear on your screen. So what? And generally I could care less, however when I was looking I had a couple of criteria:

  1. Full sized. I have one of those Logitech keyboard cases for my iPad mini and while it will get me by in a pinch, I always feel cramped when typing on it and can’t wait to get into a position where I can use something else.
  2. I didn’t want to be constantly worrying about batteries everywhere I went. I’ve had this keyboard now for a number of years and I’ve never had an incident where I couldn’t take it out and just start typing. No battery problems and less resistance to writing.
  3. I don’t want to carry around an extra piece of gear. Some could say I failed on this because if I already have the small keyboard case for the mini and then I also take the keyboard, then I’ve failed. And you would be right.

Where I really make up the difference is when I have multiple devices. For example when I work from home I have my personal laptop and the work laptop, in addition to my iPad. Usually I’ve have something running on the personal laptop (like music or a podcast) and then I’ll do my work on the work laptop, but if, for some reason, I need to do something on the personal laptop, all I have to do is press F1 on the keyboard and I’ll be connected to the personal laptop. When I’m done, F3 takes me back to the work laptop. Easy.

Incidentally, F2 is for the iPad and I’m using it right now as I type on the train because my hands were getting sore with the mini keyboard.

So, as far as keyboards are concerned it’s not all that fancy except for that one feature, but overall, that’s the thing I used to most and I’m thankful I got it.

Now all I need is a mouse that can switch just as easily between machines.