1 minute read

This is really just a quick look at the book and the impressions on it. It’s not a full review. I never read those things and feel like if I can get a quick idea about a book, then that’s good enough for me. Usually I read a quick couple paragraphs about a book, read the synopsis on Amazon and determine if the book is for me or not. This is intended to be “one of those couple paragraph” reviews you would read to help you.

This months fiction book review is Son of Justice by Steven L Hawk. I found out about this book through the Kindle Scout program, nominated it, and was pleased when it was accepted into the program. If you haven’t been involved with the scout program, I recommend it. It’s a great way to discover new-to-you authors and possibly help some authors you feel need the boost.

The book itself is a military science fiction book, with the main character hiding his identity as he goes through basic training on an desert-like planet. The setting is well thought out and the plot moves along quickly. I enjoyed the action and the pace of the book and while I think it’s a good book, it’s not great or awesome. Too many times problems resolve themselves too quickly and the love interest portion felt contrived or almost as an afterthought.

Still, those problems aside, if you are looking for something that should take about a day to read, it’s a fast plot, interesting setting and I would buy another book by this author in the same setting, just to see what else happens with all the different alien races. It wouldn’t even have to be with the same main character.