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storm run

A number of years ago I heard that the deeper you are feeling something the more universal it is. That means that things like Imposter Syndrome are very real. The fact that when you walk into a room and see the amazing people there and feel like your own worth or contribution is insignificant compared to theirs? That’s a real feeling and it is likely what many of the people felt when they entered the room as well.

The real question is, what do you do once you recognize that feeling? I think it depends on the situation. When I have a report to do that requires some soul searching or a strong opinion I do a bit of thinking. I ask myself: Is there something in this topic that I feel deeply about? What is it about this which really feels authentic and important to me?

Once I’ve found the answer to those questions the words are easy. Just speak from the heart and the topic should resonate with others. The words flow and capture the heart of the person reading.

This requires you to be vulnerable and some people can’t face that kind of “heart on your sleeve” approach. There is too much at risk and fear comes to the forefront. We all experience fear in one way or another. The real question is how we are going to respond it.

Will we let it stymie us and cause us shrink into ourselves or will we push it down and force ourselves to get out of our comfort-zone and do hard things.

In one case we grow.

In the other we shrink and end up robbing others of the unique value we provide to the world.

No matter the pain and struggle, our goal should be to always choose the growth opportunity.

Chances are your taking action will help the people around you who feel the same way to take action too.

The image, titled “Storm run”, was taken by “antony_mayfield”. You can find it on flickr.