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I recently wrote an article that talked about how you can determine a persons values by what they do. I had a conversation this week that made me look at that from a different perspective. You can’t always tell what a person values by what they do but you personally can tell what you value by what you do.

For example, just because a person eats french fries at lunch doesn’t necessarily mean that they are making healthy or unhealthy choices in their food choices. I could be that they like french fries and this happens to be a cheap meal for them for this week. So they may still value healthy choices in their food but this may be the exception.

Another good example would be to consider the reason why I purchased games. Someone looking at it from the outside me think oh he likes to have fun or he likes those particular kinds of games. And while that maybe true, the real reason why I am buying them is to have time with my family while doing something that is fun. So while part of it maybe true real reasoning and value behind it is that I am doing it because I want to spend time with him. I value time more than I value fun.

So, we need to be careful on how we judge others, but my original supposition still phones that we can look at what we do and where we spend our money and how we spend our time and that can help us tease out the things that we value the most and what things we value over others.