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Are we asking the right questions?

That should be a regular mantra of just about anybody now days. When you look at the news, are you asking that question? What would the answer to it be? I’m not sure the right question is “Did this guy do this thing?” The real question is “Is this guy qualified?” A corollary question which I think should be is “Is this guy going to engage in this kind of activity while in office?” Those are the more relevant questions. Not if he did it or not, but rather if we believe he will engage in this kind of activity in the future.

Another question about the news could be “How much do I trust the reporting service to not taint this story with their own point of view? If I was on the other side of this story, would I still agree with what they are saying and the words they are using?” “How impartial are they in reporting this news?”

What about at home? What are the right questions for home life? Do they change from day to day? Do you care about the dishes? Or are you focused more on what I happening in your children’s lives? What kind of questions would you need to ask to get that kind of information?

How about work? What are the relevant questions for work?

For me the most important question I ask myself for both work and home is “How can I create more value?” For home that is providing support to the wife and children. Helping around the house and pitching in where I can.

At work this takes the form of volunteering to help with special projects if they fit into my job description (or if it can be stretched to do so), and finding ways to help people accomplish their goals and objectives.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash.