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A friend of mine lost his grandmother earlier this year. He helps people get their finances in order and he sent out a letter to his clients recently talking about how a letter describing what a person wants done after they have passed away is important. You never know when you are going to go and telling those you love what you want done is important. For example, have you prepaid for funeral expenses? What about burial? Where do you want to be buried? These are all important things to let people know about.

Who should be told you have passed away? Does your family have the contact information for those people? Where are all your important documents located? What about all the assets? Where are all those located? Who should they talk to about them? How do you want your personal property disposed of? Who should get what?

Then there are the other things that may be harder. For example, what if you are in an accident but cannot respond or are in a coma? What should people do in those cases?

Finally, do you have any final words you would want to tell people in your family? Something important you feel they would need to know. Is there anything you would want to make sure they heard or knew about?

I know it’s all a bit morbid, but something important to think about. When we leave this life we are just moving on to another stage of life and I expect we would want the people we leave behind to know we still care about them and want to make sure they are taken care of.

We should want to take care of as much before we go as we possibly can. That’s just good manners.

The image, titled Love letter”, was taken by “Peter Hellberg”. You can find it on flickr.