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What is most important to you? What things do you want to change in your life? New Years resolutions are too much of a fad, but what is more lasting are goals. And those are something you set all the time. You may have a goal to loose some weight. If you set this goal at the beginning of the year as a New Years Resolution and have since fallen off the wagon, it’s okay. You can change and start over. Now is as good a time as any. Start today by tracking the things that impact weight loss.

Do you want to learn more? Do you want to know more about a particular field? Then set a goal to learn about the field by a certain time frame.

What about relationships with others? Do you want more friends? Do you want to know more people? Spend more time doing that and start today by setting a goal to do just that. Set aside time to engage in that activity. For example, do you want to know more people? Set a goal to talk to one stranger every day. Learn how to start a conversation. A good way is to comment on something about the person, like “Hey, that’s a nice shirt. Where did you get it?” You never know, they may end up being a great friend, and all just because you had a desire to connect with somebody.

Do you want more time alone? What is it that gives you energy? Do you feel lost or disconnected from yourself? Make time to do something you love. You may not be able to do it every day, but once a week could scratch enough of the itch to help you get through the week.

Then measure your progress. Keep track of how many times you worked toward your goal. Review your progress every month (for me that’s usually the second week of the month). How are you doing? Have you met your goal? Are there any goals that are not relevant any more? Do you need to make more of an effort one some or are they just not meeting your needs? Evaluate the goals. It’s okay to drop a goal that isn’t working. You’re not a failure, the goal just wasn’t the right one. It’s okay. Just move one and choose something different that matches your desires now.

The image, titled “On Target”, was taken by “Don McCullough”. You can find it on flickr.