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Inevitable. It literally means (in) cannot (evitable) be avoided. What can a person do to make sure the things they do or the things they want out of life are inevitable? Daily habits are a sure way of ensuring at least that you become the person you want, but what about those things which require other people to be involved? How do you marshal the forces around you to enlist in helping you reach your goals?

In some cases people just have a knack for getting others involved in their sphere of influence. These people are what we call charismatic leaders. They are your typical extrovert and find ways of just making sure others are engaged in their cause. They create a cult of personality around themselves, usually not intentionally, but just through their charm or presence.

For the rest of us, it takes a different kind of leadership. Usually through relationship building and showing people they can trust you, you gradually build ties which people feel they can rely on. They understand how you work and in some cases they work with you to fill in the gaps where you are weak. They don’t expect you to be everything and they don’t expect you to have all the skills necessary. Instead they make an effort to fill in where you cannot and then together, through a shared vision, they help you reach your common goal.

The thing is, as leaders, it is not only our responsibility to bring people along in our pursuit of our personal and organizational goals, but to help those who work with us to reach their own goals as well. Nobody is going to be with you in every goal you have, except maybe your family. Everybody else will usually fall away to pursue their own goals and will only be with you as long as both your and their goals align. Maybe somewhere down the road your goals may align again, but in the meantime you can make things inevitable by helping them with their goals and support them and build trust with them so together you both succeed. Your building strong ties with the people you work with will make your and their orginization and personal goals inevitable.

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash