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One of the most important virtues that a person can acquire is the virtue of gratitude. It cost almost nothing for a person to express it, yet does wonders for the people who receive it. I personally struggle with both receiving and expressing gratitude. But I have found lately as I’ve had the support of so many people around me and expressing that gratitude does wonders for them and for me. For my part, I feel more connected to the individuals and I feel an increase in Goodwill and love for those people for whom I have expressed appreciation. For their part they feel like their efforts have been recognized and valued. In both instances the people involved are more connected and grow closer together because of not only a shared experience, but because of the added connection caused due to gratitude. This past week I’ve been involved with a very large irrigation project that individuals home. My sons and my wife have been extremely helpful in providing support and help in completing the project. I could not of done it without them, and I have told this to them on a number of instances throughout this project In addition to their help, the owner of the property has been very gracious and has asked us a number of times if there is anything we need from him. Usually we are fine but there have been a couple of instances when we needed a refill of water or some such thing. If had been a great blessing to have this job with him and to have his support as well. Many times I have expressed gratitude to him for the little ways and his service as well as the opportunities that he’s gave us to help him with his sprinkler system. And I truly believe that it has been a blessing for us. If anything I’m harder on myself and he probably is on us.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash