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So, back in the day I had a blog. It was on http://blog.opencg.org and I was running MovableType (when it was free). I made a backup of the site and I even put it on a CD and a hard drive. I don’t know where those went. Frankly I’m not so sure I care either. That was a long time ago and some of that stuff would be interesting to go back and look at, but it’s no longer what I’m about.

So, what am I about?

Good question. I’ve been asking myself that very same question now for almost two months and this is what I’ve discovered:

I really don’t know.

Sort of. What I really mean is that while I have a lot of interests and there are a number of things I have done in the past, I still don’t know what it is that is the major focus of what I want to do. And that is okay.

So, what do I want to do here, On this blog?

Mostly share some of the things I’m working on and if people are interested, great. If not, that’s okay too. So…what am I working on?

Well, I was let go from my job about two months ago (June 4, 2015). Since that time I’ve taken the time and read What Color is Your Parachute?, gone cliff jumping in Moab (and broke my ankle doing it), hiked to Delicate Arch (the next day on said broken ankle), canoed the Connecticut River, rafted down the Green River, hiked the Boston Freedom Trail, camped in Acadia National Park, started up/reconfigured this blog, hiked around Devil’s Tower, camped in Greenfield State Park, joined Fizzle, and began working on a new project codenamed “Chorz”.

I’ve enjoyed the time, and while summer is coming to a close, I can honestly say, I’ve had one fun-filled summer I’ll never forget and could never have done if it hadn’t been for getting let go from my full-time job.

So, what’s next? Only time will tell, but whatever it is, I’m excited to find out where the ride takes me.