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Lately I have been trying to improve my flexibility. To help with that I decided to do yoga. It has helped immensely with that, but an added benefit has been the adjustments to my back that have results as well. While doing the stretches I have felt popping noises from my back, followed by a sensation of release and relief. It has almost become addictive because I look forward to doing another stretch or pose that will help give that same sensation.

I have also noticed that certain pains I have just delt with are now gone. Pains I felt while riding, pains in my feet and less tension in my neck and shoulders. There are habits and activities called “keystone” habits and I think, for me, yoga is one of those activities which helps with all the other ailments. This adjustments to my back, pains and posture are because of a single habit.

The question then is, what habits do you have in your life that help you improve in all the other aspects? Is it reading? Writing? A form of exercise? Do you enjoy solitude and quiet contemplation or do you enjoy and get energy from interacting with other people? Is there a special place you enjoy going which energizes you?

When was the last time you did this activity or visited this place?

I know that yoga has been hard for me to get to the last couple weeks and I have noticed the lack. I haven’t completely regressed, but I have noticed there are certain pains that have returned, along with some new ones I know would be relieved if I were doing a regular yoga practice.

The problem? The time I had usually set aside for practice has been encroached on and I don’t see anyway of relieve. Instead I need to carve out a new time and make sure I stick to it. This way I know I will enjoy those benefits again.

Is there a habit you used to have that has dropped off? Would making a couple adjustments to your schedule make it work again? If so, then I challenge you to change. Make that schedule change and reap the benefits of your keystone habit again. You will not regret it.

Photo by Igor Peftiev on Unsplash